From the style team:
People love Jackson for summer weddings, but seem to forget how magical a winter Jackson wedding can be. When snow blankets Jackson Hole, it lends a touch of glamour, romance and sophistication to this western town. Simply put, winters here are magical, with endless expanses of snowy peaks and glimmering snowfall, and we wanted this wedding shoot to reflect that magic.  We also wanted to create an elegant and contemporary wedding in the middle of winter that looked polished and chic, simple and clean.  To achieve our look, we decided to use aubergine, a rich winter color, mixed with an overall white and silver look. The simple flower arrangements included dark accents with that goal in mind.

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Katy Gray Photography  //  Events, Etc. //  Flowers by Chloe  //  Four Seasons Jackson Hole // Persephone Bakery // Xowyo paper and press // Hair & Makeup by Tanya, LLC. //   Beleza Salon  //  Katie Kelly, Breathe Spa // Tayloe Piggott  //  Belle Cose