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Mountain Engagement Shoot

From the photographer, Jordan Weiland Photography:
We traveled through Idaho Springs on our search for snow for Paige + Mitch’s engagement session. Starting up at Echo lake we trudged through the snow piles and found some amazing sun streaming through the trees. When I asked them how they met, Paige said that she first saw Mitch walking up to her friends at the beach wearing cowboy boots. She thought he was crazy. “Who wears cowboy boots to the beach?!” she laughed. But apparently Mitch’s humor won her over at some point down the road.
JordanW0101 JordanW0102 JordanW0103 JordanW0104 JordanW0105 JordanW0106 JordanW0107 JordanW0108 JordanW0109 JordanW0110 JordanW0111

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  • Jordan February 28, 2014 3:36 pm

    Thank you LMW for the feature! :)
Engagement Shoot: Love at Lake Louise

From the photographer, Kim Payant:
Tara and Cody were such a cute couple! I loved that she had cowboy boots and he had a nice plaid shirt! They brought the “country look” to the mountains and I think it looked great! They come for Nothern Alberta, but got engaged at beautiful Lake Louise and they wanted their photo session taken there!  Although it was fall, it felt like a summer day. The leaves had started to turn yellow which created an amazing contrast with the turquoise of the lake!
KimPayant0101 KimPayant0102 KimPayant0103 KimPayant0104 KimPayant0105 KimPayant0106 KimPayant0107 KimPayant0108 KimPayant0109 KimPayant0110 KimPayant0111 KimPayant0112 KimPayant0113 KimPayant0114 KimPayant0115

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Love Shoot: Romance in the Rockies

Megan Wynn Photography beautifully captured the love & romance and the fun & laughter this couple so obviously shares.  Add in a gorgeous Rocky Mountain backdrop against an alpine lake at Piney River Ranch and we can’t stop gushing over this stunning love shoot.

MeganW01 MeganW02 MeganW03 MeganW04 MeganW05 MeganW06 MeganW07 MeganW08 MeganW09 MeganW10 MeganW11

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