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Love Shoot: Puppy Love

After viewing this stunning love shoot from the always amazing Jason + Gina Wedding Photographers, we’ve decided we want a pair of cuddly white puppies!

From the photographers, Jason + Gina Wedding Photographers:
Lauren & Santino’s laid back nature and go-with-the-flow attitude made this shoot as simple as an afternoon walking around Vail with friends (and their cute fluffy dogs).
JasonG01  JasonG03

JasonG02 JasonG04 JasonG05 JasonG06 JasonG07 JasonG08 JasonG09 JasonG10 JasonG11 JasonG12 JasonG13

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Love Shoot: Colorado Mountain Country

This cute engagement shoot by Rachel Havel showcases the couples love for plants, nature and books. We love the gorgeous mountain backdrop and bouquet of wildflowers handpicked by the couple.  And no Colorado e-shoot would be complete without the family dog.RachelHavel01 RachelHavel02 RachelHavel03 RachelHavel04 RachelHavel05 RachelHavel06 RachelHavel07 RachelHavel08

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Fun in the Snow at Keystone

Today’s engagement shoot takes places on a typical blue sky powder day in Keystone, Colorado.  The couple, Brian and Annie, are planning a July 2014 wedding at 12,408 feet on Keystone’s summit.

Photography by Callie Riesling Photography

Callie01 Callie02 Callie03 Callie04 Callie05 Callie06 Callie07 Callie08 Callie09 Callie10 Callie11

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