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Engagement Shoot: Autumn Romance

We absolutely adore this romantic engagement shoot by Joleen Willis Photography!

From the Photographer, Joleen:
Megan begin to fall for Wesley at an amusement park.  She was fearful of the scary rides, when Wesley slyly offered relief by his hand to hold, and his strong frame to hide behind. Since that night of carnival rides, Wesley seemed to become a permanent fixture in Megan’s home. It became official when Wesley crafted a giant, hand-drawn sign, asking, “Megan, will you be my girl?” Since that day in 2006, they have been the constant in each others lives, even over YEARS of long distance. Wesley proposed on a trip down south, to the Boone Plantation, the setting of the movie The Notebook. Megan fumbled with setting the camera timer for a few candid shots, when Wesley insisted she give him a try. He stealthily set the camera to video record, as he approached Megan to pull out her engagement ring. Megan was still concerned with him ruining the timer-picture, as he shocked her by asking her to marry him. This engagement session was simply inspired by the changing of seasons, Megan and Wesley’s love for each other and PLAID!

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Engagement Shoot: Virginia Countryside

From the photographer, Steve Dalgetty of An Endless Pursuit
This engagement session was nothing short of breathtaking and extraordinary. We spent the day at a private farm house in the Shenandoah Mountains that was the former hunting cabin of Lord Fairfax from the 1700’s where he commonly entertained George Washington on hunting trips. Bryan and Theresee were such a romantic couple and were so at ease in front of the camera. We loved every dreamy detail of this day which looked like it could have been part of an old painting from the rustic barn, to the pond and rowboat, to the the mountain top fields, to the log cabin filled with old classic books.

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