Style Shoot: Taxidermy Wedding

Today’s bridal shoot incorporates taxidermy, vintage dresses, installation art and lots of vintage props with an autumn color palette.

The Story:
Three wishful brides with divergent lives and paths, reflected by their blonde, brunette and auburn hair – have met circumstantially at an abandoned home. Their hearts, in a similar state – neglected but not yet abandoned – are bound by common hope and longing to meet their beloved, their Sparrow. The word “sparrow” being a Native American symbol of desire and fertility.

{LOVE this!}  From the Artists:
We’re mostly creatives from a small mountain town, fighting boredom in the off-season.

From the Photographer, FRESH:
It’s a personal goal to challenge myself creatively, technically and professionally on a regular basis.  Stepping out of my comfort into an explosion of autumn color and shadow has, I think, pushed all of us artists in a positive direction.  For it is usually when we step out – in faith, out of the box, off the cliff – that one’s potential is reached. View the Behind the Scenes video.

Concept, Styling, Photography:  FRESH Photography
Hair Stylist:  Shine Salon  // Cake:  Sweet Dreams Cakery  // Cinematography: Ben Olsen  //  Mixed Media Artist: Joey Conundrum  //  Makeup:  Makeup by Emily Kjelshus  //  Models: Lisa Frisk, Sam Zielsdorf, Tamer Vockeroth  //  Set Furnishings: Trail’s Treasure Chest