Natural & Organic at Ten Mile Station

Kristen & Patrick | August 20th | Breckenridge, Colorado

From the bride:
We got married outside with all the beautiful natural scenery around us. The weather was perfect and wildflowers were everywhere. Prior to the ceremony, there was a hummingbird just sitting in the flowerbeds, and a fox that ran up the mountains. It was an amazing week leading up to the wedding… the day of the wedding was like a fairytale.  If we had to do it all over again, I would not change anything.

Prior to any wedding planning we sat down and asked ourselves what we wanted out of this wedding. The adjectives that we came up with: casual, different, festive feast, seasonal organic, natural and organic, elegant, high-energy, cozy, warmth, spicy, timeless, beautiful, bold. For us, these adjectives described Breckenridge. Plus, we both love the outdoors and we wanted to incorporate that into our wedding. Everything for the wedding was completed two weeks before the big day.  When we arrived in Breckenridge, all we had to do was the small final touches which made for an amazingly relaxing week.I wore my mothers wedding dress (which I did not have to alter, I just had to buy 5 inch shoes so it did not drag).

All the flowers in the wedding looked like you had picked them out of a field (that was one of my requests that I wanted them to look natural, organic and messy). The bridesmaid bouquets had brighter flowers than my bouquet, which looked awesome.

My mum and dad walked me down the aisle together. Everything just seemed to fit perfectly.  I was not nervous, but excited and ready to celebrate.

I changed into a really cute short dress for the reception.The floral centerpieces were all different types of blue and clear bottles we had collected.

I have to say that planning a destination wedding from Cleveland, Ohio was easier than I had imagined. I really had to trust people based on phone calls and emails, if I didn’t get a good vibe from the vendor I kept on looking until I did. I wanted to make sure that they wanted to be part of our wedding day and not do the job because it makes them money. 

Photographer: Jamee Photography  //  Venue, Food & Lodging: Ten Mile Station   //  Florist: Delilah’s of Denver //  Ceremony Guitarist: Jeff Copeland  //  DJ: Great Time DJ //  Hair & Makeup: Hilary Treat, Bel Ami Salon  //  Transportation: Plan B Mountain Transportation  //  Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas