A Montana Ranch Wedding

From the bride, Hilary:
Our wedding took place outside in the mountains with the sun and wind and the wild natural world all present and celebrating with us. We originally met training horses so it was fitting that our horses were a part of the celebration. 

Mary Dougherty Photography

Our “theme” was LOVE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD.  We gave out handmade wooden candles (made by my dad) to our guests to support this theme. The candles were made from Michigan birch trees and Montana aspen trees, the two places my husband and I were born. This theme was reflected through all the people that came together to help us, support us and celebrate with us on our wedding day. In honor of that LOVE we asked only for gifts in the form of donations to charities to spread the LOVE to others. Mary Dougherty Photography Mary Dougherty Photography Mary Dougherty Photography Mary Dougherty Photography

Our two close friends and mentors married us and we wrote our ceremony script with prayers and readings that were meaningful to us.

Mary Dougherty Photography Mary Dougherty Photography

At the conclusion of our ceremony, we got on our horses and everyone stood and clapped for us. Then we galloped away.  That was the highlight of the day for me!

Mary Dougherty PhotographyMary Dougherty Photography Mary Dougherty Photography

My sisters and I picked wildflowers before the wedding for our bouquets and arrangements.  

Mary Dougherty Photography

Looking Back: All of the people that had organized and planned and prepared for the wedding were also in the wedding or a part of the ceremony in some way leaving no one to coordinate on the day of. If I did it over I would have a designated wedding day coordinator who’s job it was to pull it altogether on the wedding day so I did not have to do it or worry about it. They would have to be someone who was not also directly involved in getting ready and being a part of the ceremony and celebration. I would have also had a smaller guest list.

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Photography by Mary Dougherty Photography


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