A Boho Rocky Mountain Elopement

From the couple, Paul & Jamie: We decided to elope because we lived out of state (Minnesota) and this was our second marriage. We wanted a simple, yet personal wedding. We still wanted to have some traditional elements (dress, photographer, officiant), but more personal in that it was just the two of us saying our vows to each other in a beautiful location without a lot of extra opinions, fan fare and hoopla. It was a great decision!


The Dress

Jamie’s dress was made out of a vintage tablecloth from Dame & Maiden.


The Location

While in route to Steamboat last year, we were detoured due to an accident and ended up driving by Twin Lakes. We realized it was no accident. We consider ourselves “Twin Flames,” so getting married in “Twin Lakes” seemed perfect. When we came back in October for our actual wedding, we went out to find the perfect spot in Twin Lakes. We drove through Red Rooster campground because we wanted the magical backdrop of both the mountains and the twin lakes. We came upon the perfect “tree” in the “praying angel” overlook parking lot of Twin Lakes. We knew we found our spot.


Our Advice

Figure out what’s most important to you and then spend the money on that. Don’t feel like you need to listen to what everyone else says. This is your day…. one day. You’re celebrating the union between the two of you and you alone know what is important on your special day. We wanted to spend the money on pictures and transportation to a beautiful scenic spot that was personal to us with a story behind it.



Photographer: Autumn Twilight Photography |  Officiant: Phil Gallagher