An Autumn Mountain Wedding in Telluride

Maggie & Brett |  September 22nd


From the couple: We looked at a lot of places all over Colorado… but when we saw the Schmid Ranch, we immediately fell in love with it! The views at the upper ranch are breathtaking and on top of that, you can see the 14er in the distance where the proposal was! But not only was it great views, the ranch offered what really no other venues we visited could… a lot of time and flexibility with what we wanted to do! We really wanted to be able to camp with our friends and family and truly be able to celebrate without feeling rushed — the ranch allowed us to spend an entire weekend with our friends and family, not just a handful of hours like most places.

The flip side to having a wide-open ranch with endless possibilities is that there is a good amount of planning needed, so that was all us… who are we kidding, Maggie was the master planner! If it was cool and had a unique vibe, we wanted to make it happen.


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We wrote our own vows and Maggie was thinking about saying them for months before and thought about them nearly all day before the ceremony. Brett also thought endlessly about the vows… all day before the ceremony too… the only difference is Maggie was the smart one who wrote them down!



The main venue tent was clear so you could see the full moon and stars at night and the DJ lights rocked to the wee hours! We also set up an area were anyone who wanted to rough the elements and camp with us could, but we also had glamping tents and shower tents set up to keep a touch of those modern comforts. Our flowers were potted flowers friends and family grew for our wedding day.



First, get married in a place that you will look forward to going back to on your anniversary, it should be a special place you want to go back to. Second, have fun at your wedding… do a quick math exercise… the number of minutes you have at your venue… minus all the time you are just with your bridal party… and divide that by the number of guests you have… you only get a handful of minutes with everyone if you are lucky! Eat quick and say a quick hello and thank you, then go enjoy the day! And third, spend money for a good photographer! Weddings are expensive and there are a lot of ways to get creative with costs, but don’t do it here!



Photographer: Ben Eng Photography |  Apparel: The Bespoke Edge  |  Tent: Colorado Party Rentals  | Caterer: La Cocina de Luz  |  DJ: Colorado Wedding Productions |  Venue: Schmid Family Ranch


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