A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

From the bride, Nikki: Our wedding was inspired by our LOVE of the snow and winter/Christmas time! We both grew up in hot Arizona and have attended many, many outdoor spring AZ weddings. We wanted to do something completely unique and different, and to give our guests a memorable experience.

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

During the wedding week, my family and some close family friends all rented a huge vacation home in Golden right near downtown. We had the rehearsal dinner in the home and then all went out to the Ace High Tavern in downtown Golden. It ended up being one of the most fun and memorable nights there! We also all went on the Coors Brewery Tour and some of us went to Loveland skiing. Everyone made the trip a fun vacation and tons of great memories were made! A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

Seeing the reception set-up before all the guests were let in to the room was amazing. We had white satin linens with navy Celtic Knot table runners, various heights of candles and white hydrangeas in mercury glass vases.

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

My number one vision was to feel like I was at a formal dinner party. I always knew my vision would center around huge, long, king-sized tables that were set with beautiful glassware. Our color palette was almost all white with accents of navy and silver/mercury glass.

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

Each place setting had sterling silver flatware, a navy satin napkin and a white box with a navy bow that contained our favors, silver snowflake ornaments.

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

My advice: Get organized from the very beginning, be realistic about your budget – everything is way more than you think it will be so pick and choose what is most important, and get your fiancé involved. As much as it made it more difficult sometimes to have my very picky husband’s opinion, it was also that much more special that he helped me design our special day.

A Winter Destination Wedding in Colorado

Photographer: Vanessa Kruse Photography  //  Venue: Boettcher Mansion  //  Floral Designer: Cori Cook //  Caterer: Footers Catering  //  Gown Designer: Casablanca Bridal  //  Bridesmaid Dresses: Bill Levkoff  //  Men’s Wear: Vera Wang

Honeymoon Location: Negril, Jamaica for 7 nights at Couples Swept Away. Wonderful experience at our first all-inclusive!


A Modern Wedding in Vermont

From the bride, Abbie:
We knew we didn’t want the typical hotel wedding and weren’t really a fan of a Vermont barn wedding, when we saw Jay Peak Resort we knew it was perfect as the location provided many different options for lodging and lots of unique entertainment options. Our rehearsal dinner included a tram ride up to the top of the mountain and then a bon fire with s’mores at the base. The morning of the wedding, the guys and some of our guests golfed. And the day after most of the wedding party (ourselves included) spent the day at the indoor waterpark and bar. It was a different and fun way to relax! Planning wise, it makes it easy when everything can be at one resort and guests seem to love the mini-vacation that came with the wedding.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Erik and I worked together on everything. We wanted our wedding to reflect both of us.  Erik is a graphic designer. He made all of the stationary for our wedding: save-the-dates, invitations, ceremony programs, and lots of signage. Everything coordinated. We had a consistent wedding logo and the colors and background design were carried throughout. Pretty much anything that we could do ourselves, we did. This helped keep the cost down and also made everything that much more special.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontOur ceremony was at the base of the mountain. We lucked out with an absolutely beautiful, sunny, warm day.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontWe had Erik’s two sisters read a children’s book as part of the ceremony. It was something fun and different to carry on. We also started off with a something from Robert Louis Stevenson that my family usually reads everything Thanksgiving.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontWe had round tables with white table clothes and navy overlays. Each table had a simple white frame with table number signage designed by Erik and a lime/flower centerpiece. There were large white lanterns and smaller green ones.Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontSince we met while working at a local cinema, we had gourmet popcorn for favors. We ordered three different flavors from the Popcorn Factory and bagged it ourselves with the help of friends and family. We had personalized stickers put on each bag.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontLooking back, I would not have stressed about what everyone else wanted/thought of things. At times I think we were both so worried about making everyone else happy that we forgot what the day was truly about.

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in VermontMy advice: Enjoy everything! As stressful as wedding planning might be, it’s all over so quickly! Also, don’t rush the engagement. You have all life to be married!

Wedding: Modern DIY Elegance in Vermont

Abbie & Erik’s
Venue, Caterer, Lodging: Jay Peak Resort
Photographer: Letter 10 Creative. Jaime and Jamie are AMAZING. We knew them from two other weddings and they were the first vendor we secured. We picked a wedding date we knew they were available for. They take gorgeous pictures and pay attention to every detail – Jamie even had a safety pin when part of my dress broke when getting ready.
Florist: Centerpiece Florist  //  DJ: Top Hat DJ  // Hair: Angela of Taiga Spa at Jay Peak Resort. She’s amazing!
Printed items: smartpress.com They were fantastic. We got great prices and fast service. When we weren’t happy with the initial quality of something, they replaced the whole order promptly, no questions asked.

Honeymoon Location: A mini-moon in Cape Cod. We’re headed to Australia and New Zealand this coming winter!


A Paradise Valley Montana Wedding

From the bride, Sarah: Pickers’ paradise was the theme for our wedding.  Danny is an all American picker, famous for coming home with special treasures for me that he picked up for next to nothing everywhere from garage sales to auctions to even the dump! We have been collecting antique treasures for long enough that we didn’t have to rent a single decoration for our big day – everything was either a pickin’ treasure, a family heirloom, or something I made myself.

Wedding: Made in MontanaDanny proposed to me by engraving “will you marry me” on the silver plate on the back of the western saddle he gave me for my birthday. I got on my horse, noticed the new back plate, turned round in the saddle to read it, and then nearly fell off!!! It was so perfect!

Wedding: Made in Montana

 I sent a pair of cowboy boots wrapped in tissue and lace, with a card I had made saying “Will you be my bridesmaid, because these boots were made for walking down the aisle.” I included a little insert in the card and a sewing tape measure and asked them to send it back with their measurements if the answer was yes. Then we made all the dresses out of regular quilting cotton. It was really fun to pick my own fabric and my own pattern. I wanted them to look similar, but I liked the thought of them fitting together like a patchwork quilt – so I picked blue fabrics as though I were quilting. Then I added different antique lace accents (I actually had the lace left over from when I studied abroad in England – I bought a bunch of antique lace in Portabello Road and had been saving it for something special). It was nice, when I was sewing them, to feel like I was making a gift for each of my bridesmaids to thank them for being with me on the special day. They were a lot of friends and female relatives collected together from different pieces of my life (most of them had never even met before), so it was sort of symbolic to have them, in their dresses, come together and wrap around me like a beautiful patchwork quilt on that wonderful day.

Wedding: Made in Montana

Wedding: Made in MontanaThe pickers theme and the antique pieces it produced blended seamlessly with the old-west ranchy basics like hay bale couches and bridesmaids in boots (and the beautiful mountain sunset in the background – they call it Paradise Valley for a reason). Six shooters on the groomsman and The Saddle Tramps Band made it a western wedding but the hand-picked pieces in every corner made it unique.

Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana

The boutonnieres were housed in shotgun shells (Danny is a gun dealer).

Wedding: Made in Montana Luxe Mountain Weddings Magazine Every piece and every moment had special significance to us – from the horse I rode in on (my  very first horse and best friend, bought for me by my dad when I was 11, and now 30 years old and retired on the ranch) to the sword used to cut the cakes (a civil war relic used by Danny’s grandfather to cut rhubarb on his farm in Washington). There was so much significance packed in the place that to catalogue it all, and share it with guests, I included a special “tidbits” section in the wedding program, which gave the history of it all (and the history, after all, is what a picker truly treasures).

Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana

We held the ceremony on the front lawn just feet off the Yellowstone River facing Emigrant Peak. We set up about 100 hay bales for seating and Kacie (my photographer) and I studied the sunset times VERY carefully. We timed it just right too! Just as the sun set and turned the mountains all purple, I rode my horse Sam down from the barn! I rode toward my dad and then he lifted me off Sam at the top of the aisle and we walked down together.

Wedding: Made in MontanaWe asked people to throw grass seed instead of rice to help us “sow the seeds of happiness”. Wedding: Made in Montana

We made a “tell us your key to success” board. Danny and I took the “keys to success” with us on our honeymoon and read them as we went along. It was such a wonderful way to carry on the special loved and supported feeling that our guests gave us at the wedding.

Wedding: Made in MontanaThe décor was the most fun for me, and definitely a huge part of our whole wedding plan. It was all little “vignettes” of antique items that Danny and I had “picked” throughout the years of our relationship.

Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana

We had old oil/vegetable/coffee cans, old blue mason jars, antique perfume bottles, and all kinds of old glassware, all filled with blue hydrangeas and greens. Those were mixed with little antique objects or things with significance for us, like my old copies of Jane Austin books, my western spurs, an antique coin toy Danny got me at our first garage sale… stuff like that. It was all stacked or strewn around on big wooden logs Danny and I saved from the bottom of trees we cut for firewood or on wooden ammo crates.  And everything was arranged around couches made out of hay bales and covered with different pieces of fabric.

Wedding: Made in Montana Luxe Mountain Weddings Magazine Wedding: Made in Montana Wedding: Made in Montana

 My advice: Talk early and earnestly about what is important to YOU as a couple – each of you individually and together. Maybe even do this before you talk to your family or friends. No matter how much faith you have in your family, weddings tend to amplify ALL of the underlying family or in-law tensions and you will inevitably end up torn between your own wishes and those of your family. Starting a marriage is about starting a life together and making a commitment to each other. It is not about family or guests, although its nice to have them there too. If you make each other and your relationship a priority throughout the process, even the worst family meltdowns (and mine lived up to every horror story) will be something you can manage – together. Wedding: Made in Montana

I loved our getaway. Danny had rebuilt and repainted his 1969 GTO special for the wedding.  We totally burned rubber (or grass, more likely) as we pealed out in the hotrod. It was awesome.  

Wedding: Made in Montana


Photographer: Kacie Q Photography. I cannot say enough about this WONDERFUL young woman. A ridiculous budding talent. You should book her now while she’s still being discovered because she should already be out of my price range given her amazing work! She is just so fabulous I cannot say enough in her praise.

Tent Rental: Montana Party Rentals. Really easy to deal with and very accommodating. They set up our tent a few days early so we could have extra time, and didn’t charge us for it! So nice!

Caterer: Faith Peterson, at Crazy Mountain CateringMy “foodie” family and friends were totally impressed and my “cowboy contingent” friends (and my husband, who has the palate of a 6 year-old) were equally satisfied – and that is a very hard thing to accomplish! Also super accommodating and easy to work with, despite the many last-minute changes I heaped on her!

Florist: Leslie Lukas Weddings and Events, got us beautiful flowers. And her bouquets and boutonnieres were wonderful.

Guest Lodging: Paradise Gateway B&B and Rivers Bend Lodge (owned by the same family) are just amazing. The Reeds are WONDERFUL people to deal with and absolutely as accommodating as they could possibly be. Rivers Bend Lodge is especially breathtaking. We renamed it “Groomstown” and lodged Danny’s entire family (and even some guests) there too.

Gown Designer: Casablanca Bridal. They essentially designed and built a custom dress for me.  It fit so perfectly I didn’t have to have a single alteration.

Venue: River Rose

Honeymoon: We drove the coastal highway all the way from Seattle down to San Francisco and stopped at every junk store and garage sale along the way! We took our big pickup so we could fill it with our finds and we did! I even got a wonderful glass-fronted cabinet to display some of our treasures in. And the best part is that I can say I got that piece of furniture on our honeymoon!



A Colorado Mountain Wedding

From the bride, Carley:
We choose a mountain wedding because Jared and I both grew up in Colorado and have a strong connection to the outdoors. Passion for the mountains has been a part of both our lives from a young age and we couldn’t think of a better place to join our two lives together.

Becky Young Photography BeckyYoung0102 BeckyYoung0103 BeckyYoung0104The iris was my grandfather’s favorite flower and passion- he had an entire yard of them so we included purple iris in all of the bouquets and table arrangements. I felt like a piece of him was with me as I walked down the aisle.

Details-1167We played non-traditional ceremony music, blue grass! We wanted to make sure the ceremony reflected us, and blue grass was a great representation of that.  We also did a stone blessing: we placed a stone that we had collected form our favorite locations on everyone’s chair during the ceremony and asked them to give a blessing or wish to use. We collected them at the end and now have a beautiful glass container in our home with the stones. 

BeckyYoung0106 BeckyYoung0107 BeckyYoung0108 BeckyYoung0109

BeckyYoung0105 BeckyYoung0110Looking back, I couldn’t imagine a better day- we were surrounded by our closest friends and family all gathered to celebrate this monumental life event! I have never felt so much love in one room, I felt truly blessed. 


Carly & Jared‘s
Venue & Caterer: Timber Ridge, Keystone Resort  //  Photographer: Becky Young Photography  //  Flowers: Petal and Bean  //  DJ: Great Time DJ’s  //  Videographer: Larisa Graham Videography  //  Hair & Makeup: Weemala Hair and Makeup


A Beaver Creek Wedding at the Ritz

From the bride, Leah: For our wedding, we wanted to spend time with the people we love in a beautiful location. We wanted a focus on good local wine and food, and the Ritz made that possible.

The days preceeding the wedding were filled with fun and relaxing activities for us and our guests, including hiking, mountain biking, swimming, and great food.

About a week after our wedding, Ryan and I left for a two-year assignment in Jerusalem (we’re both in the foreign service).  Our wedding was also our goodbye party, and as such, we really wanted it to reflect us as a couple.  Bachelors Gulch was truly the perfect location for us, as it allowed us to spend time with our guests doing activities important to us as a couple.

Our wedding ceremony was held outside surrounded by mountains.  Ryan’s uncle performed the ceremony with us writing our own vows.

After the ceremony, we had a cocktail hour followed by a sit-down dinner.

Our wedding was small, only 60 people, so we really enjoyed having dinner separate from dancing so we could spend time talking to each and every guest (and eating our meals).

From dinner, we went inside to the ballroom for an awesome dance party.

Leah & Ryan
Luxe Mountain Event Designer: Pink Monkey Solutions {more info | website}
Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Bachelor Gulch. They made everything perfect.  //  Photographer:  Frances Photography  //  Flowers: Vintage Magnolia  //  DJ: Ryan Griz  // Dress Designer: Austin Scarlett


An Elegant Rocky Mountain Wedding

From the bride, Stephanie: We chose Cordillera because we wanted an outdoor ceremony on a mountaintop with breathtaking views, beautiful weather and pleasant temperatures.  I love jewel tones and peacocks so that became our theme.

My favorite ceremony memory was walking down the aisle to find all of my loved ones and closest friends.

We had ivory chiffon draping and lighting in sapphire blue hues. The table linens were sapphire with diamond table runners. Tall clear vases filled with white hydrangeas, roses, orchids, hanging crystals and peacock feathers adorned the tables.

Our cake table display was stunning! 


 Tent Rental: PINK MONKEY SOLUTIONS {website}
Venue, Caterer & Lodging: The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera. We rented the entire lodge for a private wedding weekend  //  Event Planner: Classic Creations  //  Photographer: Jared Wilson Photography  //  Bride’s Gown: Maggie Sottero  // Bridesmaid Dresses: Dessy //  Hair & Makeup: Hair & Makeup in Motion  // Rentals: Alpine Party Rentals  //  Cake: Intricate Icings //  Flowers: The Flower House

Honeymoon Location: ST LUCIA


A Fall Wedding in the Colorado Mountains

From the bride, Carole:
We moved to Colorado last year and immediately knew that wanted to have a mountain wedding. We fell in love with the scenery and the facilities at Devil’s Thumb Ranch and thought it would be a good welcome for our friends and family to the Colorado mountains.

Brinton Studios 0110

We created a wedding reflective of our personalities – maintaining a formal wedding feel while incorporating naturalistic and rustic elements. We chose a color palette of midnight blue with fall colors (burgundy, orange, and yellow).

Brinton Studios 0111

Brinton Studios 0114 Brinton Studios 0112 Brinton Studios 0113

We hoped to have the ceremony outdoors, but an early fall cold front and snow storm moved us indoors to the Timber House. Brinton Studios 0115 Brinton Studios 0116

 We did a wine box ceremony where we wrote letters to one another and had our parents write letters to us with their most important pieces of marital advice.  We sealed the letters in a wine box with a bottle of wine by nailing the wine box shut, to open in celebration of 5yrs of marriage.

Brinton Studios 0117 Brinton Studios 0118 Brinton Studios 0119 Brinton Studios 0120 Brinton Studios 0121

With such a beautiful barn and backdrop, we didn’t really feel like we needed a ton of decorations.  We hung a chandelier and lanterns from the barn beams.  We had a mix of tall and short floral centerpieces — tall vases with eucalyptus leaves to mimic aspens and short vases wrapped in birch bark.

Brinton Studios 0123 Brinton Studios 0124 Brinton Studios 0125 Brinton Studios 0126 Brinton Studios 0128

The most memorable moment of the night was our first dance (rumba) to Queen, “You’re my Best Friend.”

Brinton Studios 0129

My advice: Enjoy the process and remember it is supposed to be fun!  No one else will notice if things don’t turn out 100% the way you wanted them to.

Brinton Studios 0130

Carole & Jeff’s
Venue, Caterer & Lodging: DEVIL’S THUMB RANCH {website}
Event Planner: Touch of Bliss  //  Photographer: Brinton Studios  //  Floral Designer: Swank Stems  //  DJ: Elite DJ  //  Bride’s Gown: Modern Trousseau  //  Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale

Honeymoon Location: Thailand



A Simple Wedding in Breckenridge, Colorado

From the bride, Sara:
We chose Breckenridge because we wanted to have a casual outdoor wedding in the mountains. I wanted the day to feel uniquely ‘us.’ I didn’t want it to be overdone, or over the top with silly little things – we did not do favors, I did our flowers.

Kara Pearson Photography

I did our flowers. This was a really fun adventure – but I may reconsider as it was a bit of an undertaking getting up at 6:30AM to make our bouquets and boutonnieres the day of the wedding. I would say that they did turn out great with the help of my lady family members and bridesmaids.

Kara Pearson Photography Kara Pearson PhotographyWe wanted to make our ceremony special by having my grandfather marry us. He did such an amazing job and everyone commented about how great it was to have him involved. Kara Pearson Photography KaraPearson0105

The skies closed up as soon as we were announced husband and wife and as we were literally walking down the aisle – as we got to the end of the aisle it began to rain lightly and then the storm came in and everyone had to take cover in the tent next door. KaraPearson0106 KaraPearson0107 KaraPearson0108 KaraPearson0109

My advice: Soak it all in! Enjoy all the love you are getting! KaraPearson0110

Sara & Paul’s
Venue: V3 Ranch   //  Photographer: Kara Pearson Photography  //  Caterer & Pies: D’Lish Catering  //  Linens & Tent: Colorado Tents & Events  //  DJ: DJ Carve  //  Videographer: Elegant Productions //  Photo Booth: Magnolia Booth  //  Bride’s Gown: Tara La Tour  //  Lodging: Main Street Station Breckenridge

Honeymoon Location: San Pedro Island, Belize–  Victoria House