A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding

From the photographer, Lauren Brown:  Jonas had one request for Jenny when she asked him about wedding planning. Just one. The couple lives in Austin, Texas but were getting married in Ennis, Montana where Jenny had spent so much time vacationing with her family – fishing in the summer and skiing in the winter. Jenny and her father George had taken charge of the wedding planning, and with the help of the talented team at Lukas Trudeau had put together a beautiful plan for a light and classic outdoor reception that would perch above Ennis on a high plateau and look out on the pristine Ennis Lake and surrounding mountains. Jonas’s one request was for a little piece of home, a little reminder of Austin, set to the Montana backdrop. Austin is well known for it’s music and festivals, and one of Jenny and Jonas’s favorite of these is the Austin City Limits festival, held yearly in Zilker Park near downtown. One of the hallmarks of the ACL festival is a giant picture frame, where friends meet and gather and re-orient. This is what Jonas wanted. A giant picture frame reminiscent of the one where he and Jenny so often gather with their friends. And so he built one. And perched on a plateau overlooking Ennis Lake and the surrounding valley and mountains in the distance, friends gathered and laughed and snapped photos under a giant white picture frame.

Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding A Texas Meets Montana Ranch Wedding

Photographer:  Lauren Brown Photography  //  Second Shooter: Lindsey Mulcare Photography  //  Event Planner + Design and Decor: Lukas Trudeau Event Co  //  Band: Andrew Gromiller and the Organically Grown  //  Dress Designer: Anna Campbell  //  Calligrapher: Cast Calligraphy and Design  //  Cake Designer: Elle’s Belles Bakery  //  Culinary: LaFoley Kitchen    //  Rentals: Montana Party Rentals  //  Ceremony Location: Trinity Episcopal Church  //  Pre Ceremony Location: El Western  //  Reception: Channels Ranch





A Homegrown Garden Wedding in Montana

From the bride, Robin: After eight adventurous years of dating, Tyler got down on one knee after we hiked to the top of Wayna Picchu, a site overlooking Macchu Picchu. From hiking to train rides to buses, we didn’t have service for days, so we were able to relish in our engagement and begin fantasizing about our wedding. We were in the midst of a three month backpacking journey and started counting how many countries we will have had been to together by the end of the trip, and realized it would be 22. We quickly decided that travel should be the theme of our wedding, and every table should be a country that we have been to together.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

I am a very creative person, so it was hard for me to not DIY everything! But honestly, some of the best advice I got was to leave it to the professionals, so week of you can relax and enjoy the moment with everyone. Thus, I just incorporated DIY into a few special, heartfelt areas.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

 The venue of our wedding was decided before we were even engaged: my parents’ 400 acre farm in Montana. It was so special and heartfelt to get married at my home.  We had a lot of fun incorporating the things most important to us into our wedding: travel, Montana, music, and friends/family.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

Tyler and I are concert junkies in San Francisco, so we knew we needed as much live music as possible, which ended up being all of it! We had a cellist in the secret garden for the entry music and processional. And as soon as we said “I do,” a bag piper started playing (to represent my Scottish heritage!) to escort the guests to cocktail hour. At cocktail hour, we had acoustic guitar, and after that a fiddle player (from the band) escorted the guests to the reception where the rest of the band was waiting to play the rest of the night!

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

The travel theme was most evident at the reception. Our guest book was a globe, our seating directory was bag tags directing you to a country, travel books and maps were everywhere, and we had photos of us from around the world on all of the tables.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

Everyone’s name was painted on a river rock from Glacier National Park and placed on their table setting.  I also photoshopped a greeting and thank you card that was on everyone’s place setting.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

I’m sure every bride says this, but it is truly hard for me to pick a favorite memory of the day. Everything was so special, that I was truly blissed out on love for months to follow, just reminiscing every moment and detail. From yoga with my bridesmaids in the morning, to serenading each other with our vows, to Tyler whispering how beautiful I am and how much he loves my dress (win!) during the ceremony.

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

The dance floor was packed until nearly 2am! I have to admit, I do think we had the best wedding band ever!!

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

I really struggled with the invite list since we are both from a small town and wanted so many people to be there, but at the same time, wanted that intimate feeling. Looking back at the wedding, I am glad I ended up sending out all of those extra invites and having more smiling faces there to support us. It is not everyday that you get to see everyone you love from all facets of your life get together in one place to support you: relish in that.

Secondly, only look at blogs and Pinterest in the beginning to gather your own ideas, but once you make a decision, move on! You can’t keep second guessing things and changing ideas because you will never get anywhere, and, not to mention, your vendors might get annoyed!

Plus, for me, who was getting married outdoors in Montana, I had to keep remembering that the natural setting is beautiful by itself, so I don’t need to keep stressing about dressing it up. There is something to be said about letting the surroundings speak for themselves.

Thirdly, DIY is great, but also stressful. Even without DIY, the week of your wedding can be overwhelming trying to navigate everyone, see relatives, get ready, RELAX, etc. So incorporate it where you can, and let your vendors do the rest. They are extremely good at what they do – just trust them!

 And lastly, take a few minutes throughout the day and night to soak it all in. Everything is moving so quickly that it is easy to get flustered and let it all slip by you in a whirlwind. Step aside and just look around you to take mental pictures of your hard work, the love that surrounds you, and the best day of your life!

An Enchanted Forest Wedding in Montana

Photography: Marianne Wiest Photography // Coordination & Styling: Joyce Walkup // Videography: Britney Paige Cinematography // Catering: Cuisine Machine // Liquor: Casey’s Bar & Grill // Band: Savannah Jack // Rentals: The Party Store // Flower & Design: Beargrass Gardens Florals & Events // Photobooth: The Fotowagen // Cake: A Whole Lotta Yum  // Dress: Rue de Seine Bridal // Bridesmaid Dresses: Joanna August // Groom & Groomsmen: J.Crew // Makeup: Kristen O’Leary // Hair: Zachary Morad



An Indian and American Wedding Celebration

From the photographer, Kara Pearson Photography: Michelle and Nik had a two-day blowout wedding celebration. The first day was their Indian wedding with Nik and Michelle wearing custom-made Indian attire. Michelle was drenched in gold jewelry. Nik rode in on a white horse as wedding guests danced him in to greet his in-laws. The ceremony was all in Indian overlooking the mountains.  They had their American wedding (dubbed the “white wedding”) the next day. Michelle wore a custom Kenneth Poole dress, and Nik wore a traditional black tux.

Kara Pearson Photography0101 Kara Pearson Photography0102 Kara Pearson Photography0103 Kara Pearson Photography0104 Kara Pearson Photography0105 Kara Pearson Photography0106 Kara Pearson Photography0107 Kara Pearson Photography0108 Kara Pearson Photography0109 Kara Pearson Photography0110 Kara Pearson Photography0111 Kara Pearson Photography0112 Kara Pearson Photography0113 Kara Pearson Photography0115 Kara Pearson Photography0116 Kara Pearson Photography0117

Photographer:  Kara Pearson Photography  // Day One (Indian wedding) Venue: Highlands Ranch Mansion   //  Day Two (American wedding) Venue: Sanctuary Golf Course


A Destination Mountain Wedding in Colorado

From the bride, Amy:
We wanted a wedding destination where everyone could come and stay for a few days and be together.  Devil’s Thumb Ranch was the perfect fit. The ranch has something for everyone: outdoor activities, a relaxing spa and great food.

Our inspiration for our celebration was the beautiful Colorado landscape with New York City in our hearts. As a surprise, I sewed a heart on Joe’s tie that said I Love You.

My most memorable moment was our first look.  We were both a little nervous during the morning, but we both relaxed once we were able to see each other.  At that moment, we both said “I feel so much better now” and I just reaffirmed that no matter what with everything going on that day is really was just the two of us.

Brinton04When they opened the barn doors immediately before the processional , there was an audible gasp in the room. Both the setting and the view were stunning. I walked into the barn and down the aisle to M. Ward’s, “Here Comes the Sun”.


The ceremony was short and sweet, but incredibly memorable. The whole thing last about 8 minutes!

Brinton06 Brinton07 Brinton08 Brinton09 Brinton10 Brinton11

My advice:  Try not to argue too much during the process of planning a wedding. And during the wedding, take a few steps back to hit pause and take note of what is happening.



Venue, Food, Lodging: DEVIL’S THUMB RANCH { website }

Event Planner: JA Special Events. Jessica was an essential part of our wedding. We could not have done it without her. She made everything so easy. We would highly recommend her.

Photographer: Brinton Studios. CR and Tiffany take amazing photos and blend into the wedding incredibly well. We barely knew they were there, and were thrilled with the results.

Wedding Gown Designer: Anne Barge #617

Honeymoon Location: Dunton Hot Springs and St Lucia (Ladera and Ti Kaye). One week we were snowshoeing, and one week we were on a beach. It was a great mix. Highly recommend both.



An Eclectic & Fun Celebration in Colorado

Andrea & David  |  July 14th  |  Boulder, Colorado

From the bride, Andrea:
I love all things Anthropologie, colorful, and floral. Dave asked for one thing only – that our wedding be colorful and not muted. But no decision was made without Dave, though, so he voiced what he liked and didn’t which guided the feel of the wedding as well.

Andrew Jessica Photographers01

I’m the daughter of an architect who also designs interiors and grew up around tons of color all the time. I couldn’t pick just a few, so we went with warm and bright tones, like orange, yellow and poppy, with some deep purples, muted greys, and shiny gold. Andrew Jessica Photographers02 Andrew Jessica Photographers03 Andrew Jessica Photographers04 Andrew Jessica Photographers05

 I feel like the whole day was personalized to who we are. I made some of the things, designed others, and we worked very closely with vendors to make sure the whole day reflected each of us separately and together.

Andrew Jessica Photographers06 Andrew Jessica Photographers07 Andrew Jessica Photographers08 Andrew Jessica Photographers09 Andrew Jessica Photographers10 Andrew Jessica Photographers11 Andrew Jessica Photographers12

We stood with our parents and siblings under a Chuppah made of family heirlooms and framed by gorgeous flowers.

Andrew Jessica Photographers13 Andrew Jessica Photographers14 Andrew Jessica Photographers15

One of the best parts of the whole event and something that has turned into a keepsake was our Ketubah (Jewish marriage certificate) signing. We spent a good amount of time looking online to pick out a Ketubah that we loved. We just moved into a new home and have had this beautiful work of art framed and hung up! We get to look at it daily!

Andrew Jessica Photographers16 Andrew Jessica Photographers17

We spent a few minutes alone together after the ceremony so that we could take in the fact that we had just gotten married. Andrew Jessica Photographers18 Andrew Jessica Photographers19

I glittered clothes pins to hold our “creative reply” RSVP cards from guests. Andrew Jessica Photographers20

Dave had the great idea to start off the fun with a New Orleans style trumpet march from upstairs, down through the main floor, and then outside for our Hava Nagila, a fun Jewish tradition during which the bride and groom are lifted in chairs and danced around. Our close family and friends were closely circling around us… this was probably one of the best parts of the whole celebration.

Andrew Jessica Photographers21 Andrew Jessica Photographers22 Andrew Jessica Photographers23 Andrew Jessica Photographers24 Andrew Jessica Photographers25

 Our most favorite detail was our cake topper made by Dave’s sister. She made figurines of us dressed up for the wedding with our dogs spinning around us since they are such an important part of our lives and how we met.

Andrew Jessica Photographers26

We ended the night with a booty dance party. I’m from Miami, so I couldn’t have a party without some good, old, classic booty music. The band even broke it down with us!! It’s really hard to think about what made this night amazing, since the whole thing was magical and perfect for us!!

Andrew Jessica Photographers27

My advice: Stay organized and focus on the details in advance so that your wedding week and day are perfect and stress free!! The process should be fun, not stressful, but somehow it inherently does get to you. I kept reminding myself what the process was about – our love for one another – and that kept me focused on the right things. Also, if you’re close with your family, remember that this day means about as much to them as to you! I had to give into my parents wishes a bit more than I expected (especially because they so graciously paid for our wonderful wedding) and I think they felt the same. We all had our thoughts about how the week and day would go and had to compromise amongst all of us quite a bit. My mom and I spoke a lot and got to have fun planning. I loved that we could have fun and bond over planning the wedding, painting invitations, shopping for vases, picking out linens… and on and on. I think it’s not always that easy for everyone, but if you let go of some of the stress it can be!

Andrew Jessica Photographers28

Photographer:  Andrew and Jessica Photographers  //  Event Planner: Particulars  //  Venue & Caterer: The Greenbriar Inn  //  Floral Designer: Cori Cook Floral Design  //  Musician: Creekside Entertainers (Bluegrass) //  Reception Band: Funkiphino //   Invitations & Programs: Custom by Amanda Snyder at Scribbles  //  Guest Lodging: Hotel Boulderado  //  Wedding Gown Designer: Claire Pettibone “Kristene” from Little White Dress Bridal Shop  //   Bridesmaid Dresses: Amsale silk chiffon from Bella Bridesmaid  //   Hair: Hilary Hackney

Honeymoon Location: Fiji

Destination Beaver Creek

Molly & Marc  |  August 18th  |  Beaver Creek, Colorado

From the bride, Molly:
Our wedding was a destination wedding. We chose Beaver Creek because of its’ beauty, and for the personal history it has to us and to our family.

Frances Photography01

My late Grandmother passed her wedding ring down to my father to give to me when I got married. It was presented to me in an envelope, addressed in her handwriting. This was immensely moving and impactful, to both my father and to me.

Frances Photography02

 A private yoga class was held on the wedding lawn the morning of the ceremony. It was incredible to have an hour of peace and quiet with my best friends before the day began!

Frances Photography03

I had no idea what Marc was going to be wearing on our wedding day. I wanted to be as surprised by him as he was by me, and the reveal was so worth it! I had all the faith in the world that he would be dressed impeccably, and he delivered!

Frances Photography04

Both the ceremony and the reception were held at the Westin. We were able to go directly from the ceremony site, to the patio for cocktails, and immediately inside for the reception. This feature was a major part of our choosing the Westin as our venue. We loved that our guests never had to concern themselves with transportation, but rather enjoying themselves and the evening. Frances Photography05

My father walked me down the aisle to “I’ve Got This Friend” by the Civil Wars, the same song that Marc proposed by. Seeing Marc for the first time was incredible, and I loved having all of our loved ones in one place. Frances Photography06 Frances Photography07My veil belongs to my sister-in-law Abby, who was unable to be at our wedding, after having her first baby only 10 days prior! She wore the veil in her wedding. The veil was also worn by Abby’s younger sister and cousin. Having gotten to share this with such wonderful women was an incredibly personal and important detail, and I was grateful to have gotten to share in this tradition. Frances Photography08 Frances Photography10 Frances Photography11From the groom, Marc:
Molly and I have always shared a deep connection with one another.  Our foundation is truly our friendship and we still to this day express how we would not have it any other way.  We’ve always had an innate ability to talk for hours on end, about an array of topics.  Our beliefs and morals are identical and our love for each other stems beyond just our friendship as well. I’ve always said that Molly has the greatest heart in the world and I truly respect and love the person that she has chosen to be.  Additionally, Molly and I are constantly working to be better friends, people, neighbors, etc. We truly enjoy the journey that we are taking together and we can’t wait to see where it takes us. Frances Photography12 Frances Photography13 Frances Photography14 Frances Photography15 Frances Photography16 Frances Photography, Colorado Frances Photography18 Frances Photography19

Photographer: Frances PhotographyFrances and her assistant were incredible to work with. Perhaps we just hit it off, but it was as though I had another friend in the room all day. She was nowhere and everywhere at the same time. She captured every moment stunningly, and we recommend her highly.

Venue & Food: The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa met all of our needs throughout our wedding weekend! They were accommodating and professional.

Event Planner: Artisan Events. Carolyn was instrumental in selecting and interfacing with vendors and keeping us calm while planning an out-of-town wedding.

Florist: Vintage Magnolia was able to turn my floral vision into a reality. They were completely spot on, and created such an beautiful final product. The girls were always helpful, accommodating, and on top of everything.

Cake: SugarOur cake was as beautiful as it was delicious!

Musicians:  FunkiphinoThey were such a blast!  We felt like we had control over the music played, and that the band was incredibly flexible and laid back. They were engaging, current, and so much fun! It was almost impossible to stay seated!

Tent & Party Rentals: Pink Monkey Solutions  //  Wedding Gown Designer: Modern Trousseau  //  Shoes: Kate Spade  //   Bridesmaid Dresses: Jenny Yoo  //  Hair: Jill Suarez from Fusion Hair Studio  //  Makeup: Inga Cox

Fun in the Rockies at Winter Park Resort

Annie & Brennan |  July 14th  | Winter Park, Colorado

From the bride:
Our wedding day was so much fun. We had some of our favorite people in the whole world surrounding us. We would love to do it all again because we had such a great time!
I wore my grandma’s garter (that had blue in it) and a pearl bracelet that my dad had given me.I love feminine things (Anthropologie is my favorite store in the whole world) so not many were surprised that I went with a lace dress. I wore pink shoes under my dress to match my bridesmaids!The ceremony was so beautiful and meaningful. I wasn’t looking forward to walking down the aisle at all; I don’t like having attention on me, but by the time it happened I surprisingly didn’t even care. I was just so excited! The weather held up during most of the ceremony and then all of a sudden you could hear the thunder and it started to rain! My matron of honor held umbrellas over us as we giggled, trying to do our unity candle. Needless to say, the ceremony was cut a little short.

We all changed into our colorful flip flops following the ceremony.

The reception was a blast and the food was AMAZING! All the speeches were so touching and meaningful.After dinner the dancing was SO FUN! Everyone was out there having a blast. We were afraid the deck would break. Even the wait staff was having a ball and commented on how fun the wedding was. That was the best part…everyone there, no matter their age had a blast. I never thought I would enjoy my own wedding so much!

My only regret is I got so busy I didn’t get to eat any cake!!!! I am a huge dessert person, so this was a major sin for me.RECOMMENDED VENDORS
Venue: The Lodge at Sunspot, Winter Park Resort 
{Luxe Collection partner}

Event Planner & Florist: {Luxe Collection Member} Rami Carter, Pick Me! Floral & Event Design.  Rami was amazing!

Photographer: David Lynn Photography  //   DJ:  Elite DJ  //  Cake: Teacup Bakery  // Dress: Robert Bullock

A Mountain Romance at Flying Dog Ranch

From the bride, Tara:  For Levi and I, the mountains are a huge part of who we are. The Colorado Rockies are alluring, beautiful, a wonderful background for any wedding…and don’t expect to ever leave if you come!

We chose The Flying Dog Ranch because it reminded me of a lot of gardens back in New England where I grew up while still including the pastoral and mountain views of the Rockies. It was a great blend of both of us. It had been pouring rain all day and let up for about 15 minutes, just enough time to say our vows. Our families were able to watch from the banks of the garden and then sneak back to the barn to stay out of the rain.We had a very quick, contemporary ceremony with vows that encompassed our relationship and our values as a couple. We had our guests sign an Ansel Adams book of photographs and now have it on our coffee table.We made our escort cards with antique newspaper bags.I painted the table numbers on chalkboards with crackle paint. Our centerpieces were pitchers filled with dahlias, sunflowers, gerbera daisies, delphinium and local grasses.Our cake (carrot) was decorated like an aspen tree adorned with fresh flowers and a bird’s nest topper. Our favors were flavored honey sticks with vintage tags saying “pour vous”. A Mountain Romance at Flying Dog Ranch

Venue:  The Flying Dog Ranch //  Photographer: Chris Humphreys //  Musicians: Velvet Rut //  Party Rentals: Alpine Party Rentals