Color Inspiration: Hot Pastels

Today’s board was inspired by a unique wedding after-party. The theme, Alice in Wonderland.  The color palette, a rainbow of shades from pink, to red, to green, orange and yellow. The food, sugary sweet candy and colorful cocktails. 


Images by Aaron Delesie Photographer

Color Inspiration: Precious Pomegranate

If you love color, this board is sure to please. It’s bright, it’s bold and it’s lively.  A rainbow of shades from red to orange to yellow combine to create the perfect palette for a warm summer wedding.

Images from left to right:   1. Kyla Jackson Photography 2. Ben Eng Photography 3. Alpine Wedding Photography 4. Carol Cardwell Photography 5. Kyla Jackson Photography 6. IN Photography 7. Alpine Wedding Photography 8. Cedar House Photography 9. IlluminArts Photography